Faculty and Trainees

Core Faculty Specializing in Adult ADHD

Shazia Savul, MD
Attending Psychiatrist and Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry; Director of the ADHD GAP Clinic

Lisa Joy Tuttle, MA, BCC, NBC-HWC 
Lead Clinician, Executive Skills Coaching and Group Programs for ADHD Adults 

Our Founders

Anthony L. Rostain, MD, MA and J. Russell Ramsay, PhD


2023 Psychiatry Residents: Brijae Chavarria, MD, MA; Lauren Dubner, MD; Kristen Everett, MD; Lili Gupta, MD; Golkoo Hosseini, MD, MSEd; Atasha Jordan, MD, MBA; Cristina Lanzillotta, MD; Desiree Livinsky, MD; Mark Morales, MD; Maria Paskell, MD; Phoebe Prioleau, MD, MPH; Robert Seilheimer, MD, PhD; Sean Udell, MD, MA


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