Department of Psychiatry

Penn Behavioral Health

About Our Program

Our program is located on the University of Pennsylvania campus, within the internationally acclaimed Center for Studies in Addiction. Our doctors are at the vanguard of addiction research, and they provide the latest and most innovative treatments. Pharmacological and psychotherapeutic interventions are integrated into a patient-specific treatment plan designed to establish and sustain recovery.

A Comprehensive Assessment

During your first visit to the Charles O'Brien Center, our treatment team of doctors will thoroughly assess your addiction, your physical and mental health, and any stressful events affecting your life. We will also identify your strengths - strengths that will help you achieve recovery.

Because family members can be a powerful source of support, we will ask your permission to have them participate in your assessment.

A Targeted Plan

After completing your comprehensive assessment, our treatment team will meet with you to discuss our recommendations and answer any questions you might have about the treatment process.

Your treatment will be uniquely tailored to your problems and strengths, and may include medications, individual therapy, group therapy, and family meetings designed to provide education and improve relationships.

We offer flexible support and adapt our treatment to your changing needs. Typically, treatment is most intensive at the onset and less intensive as recovery is achieved.

Sustained Results

Because we provide outpatient treatment, without the artificial security of an inpatient setting, you will have a realistic sense of your progress. Throughout your treatment, we offer compassionate support and specific guidance to help you with "real world" stresses and challenges.

When you have met your treatment goals and are ready to discontinue regular treatment at the Charles O'Brien Center, we will work with you to design a plan for sustaining your success.

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