MD Admissions

Core 3

Core 3 Principles

January, Year 3 —  May, Year 4

  • Twenty-four weeks of flexible and open time allows students opportunity to individualize educational experiences to pursue an area of concentration, dual degrees, research, plan career goals, or a range of short term projects in areas such as global health; preventive, community, public health medicine; health policy and planning; personal life
  • Required 4 week inpatient sub-internship allowing increased responsibility for patient care in internal medicine, pediatrics, emergency medicine, or family medicine
  • 4 advanced Penn electives (16 weeks) and 2 additional electives (8 weeks) which can be Penn electives, U.S. away rotations, research
  • Scholarly Pursuit with a faculty member for a minimum of 12 weeks requiring students to design and undertake a research project in the lab, clinic, or community and submit a formal paper. Students earning either a MD/PhD, MD/Masters, or doing a research year fulfill the Scholarly Pursuit requirement
  • Measey Specialty Transition Pathways (STeP) to Residency (3 weeks): A longitudinal program after residency applications are submitted that prepares students for internship and concludes with discipline-specific boot camps
  • USMLE Step 1 and Step 2
  • Honors/High Pass/Pass/Fail Grading


  • Bioethics (1 week)
  • Structured experiences promoting humanism, multiculturalism and professionalism, cultivation of medical collegiality, and doctor-patient relationships
  • Pass/Fail Grading