Spring 2021 BGS Course List



Title (cross-listing)




BIOM 502-001

Molecular Basis of Disease

J. Punt
J. Katz

On Line

TR 9-10:30 am

BIOM 555-001

Regulation of the Genome

K. Kaestner

R. Bonasio

On Line

TR 9-10:30 am

BIOM 610-001

Data Analysis for Life Sciences

D. Beiting

T. Shinohara

On Line


BMB 509-001

Structural and Mechanistic Biophysics

G. Van Duyne

On Line

TR 2:30-4 pm

BMB 510-001

Data Analysis

K. Sharp

On Line

TF 11-12:30 pm

BMB 581-401

Techniques of MRI (BE 581)

F. Wehrli

On Line

MW 5-6:30

BMB 634-001


K. Murakami

On Line

W 2-4pm

BMB 705-001

Candidacy Exam Course BMB Students Only (.5cu 1/22/21 - 3/29/21)

J. Wilusz
R. Marmorstein

On Line

M 2-4pm
F 1-3 pm

BMB 751-401

Chemical Biology (CHEM 751 primary)

M. Matthews

On Line

TR 9-10:30 am

BSTA 621-001

Statistical Inference I

W. Guo

On Line

MW 1:30-3 pm

BSTA 632-001

Statistical Methods for Categorical and Survival Data

W. Bilker

On Line

MW 10:30-12 pm

BSTA 651-001

Intro to Linear Models

J. Shults

On Line

TR 1:30-3 pm

BSTA 670-001

Program Computing for Biomed

K. Linn

On Line

TR 9-10:30 am

BSTA 711-001 App Bayesian Stat Analysis (.5cu 3/12/21 – 4/29/21) C. Chang On Line MW 9-10:30 am

BSTA 750-001

Stat Methods Risk Prediction (.5cu 1/20/21 – 3/9/21)

J. Chen

On Line

MW 9-10:30 am

BSTA 787-001

Statistical Genetics

M. Li

On Line

TR 10:30-12 pm

CAMB 431-401

Genome Science and Genomic Medicine (BIOL 431 primary)

Brian Gregory

On Line

TR 1:30-3pm

CAMB 486-401

Chromosomes and the Cell Cycle (BIOL 486 primary)

M. Lampson

On Line

MW 2-3:30pm

CAMB 493-401

Epigen of Health and Disease (BIOL 493 primary)

S. Berger
L. Luense

On Line

TR 1:30–3 pm

CAMB 510-001

Immunology for CAMB

N. Pardi
M. Abt

S. Diskin

On Line

MW 10-12 pm

CAMB 511-001

Principles of Development

P. Seale

On Line

TRF 1:30-3 pm

CAMB 512-001

Cancer Biology and Genetics

K. Eisinger
T. Ridky 
K. Bernt
P. Choi
D. Feldser

On Line

R 11:30-1 pm

CAMB 550-001

Genetic Principles

E. Joyce
S. Grant

On Line

MWF 10-11:30 am

CAMB 601-301

Advanced Microbiology Seminar

S. Weiss 
P. Bates

On Line

M 1:30-3 pm

CAMB 633-301

Advanced Seminar Gene Therapy

P. Kurre

On Line

W 5:30–7 pm

CAMB 692-301

Adv Topics Cell Bio/Phys II

J. Baur
R. Lee

On Line

TR 10:30–12 pm

CAMB 695-001 - 006 (6 sections)

Scientific Writing (.5cu: 1/20/21 - 3/9/21)

J. Lok

On Line

See syllabus section days/times

CAMB 698-301

Elective Tutorials in Cell Biology

B. Stanger

On Line

 W 1-2 pm

CAMB 700-301

Topics in Microbiology

M. Weitzman
J. Zackular
S. Henrickson
K. Jurado

On Line

TR 3:30-5 pm

CAMB 701-301

Tumor Microenvironment

S. Ryeom
E. Pure

On Line

T 3–5 pm

CAMB 705-301

Advanced Topics in Bacterial

I. Brodsky
S. Shin

On Line

W 3:30-5 pm

CAMB 706-301

MVP Core

S. Shin
M. Weitzman

On Line

MWF 2:30-3:30 pm

CAMB 707-401

Cell and Gene Therapy (REG 621 primary)

M. Milone

On Line

W 9-12 pm

CAMB 708-301

HIV Virology Pathogenesis

R. Collman
K. Bar

On Line

R 1:30-3 pm

CAMB 752-401

Genomics (GCB 752 primary)

S. Diskin
K. Maxwell

On Line

R 9:30–12:30 pm

EPID 700-001 Doctoral Seminar in Epidemiology John Holmes On Line T 1-4 pm
EPID 702-001 Advanced Topics Epidemiology Research Michael Harhay On Line F 9-12 pm
EPID 711-001 Environmental Epidemiology Aimin Chen On Line TR 10:30-12 pm

GCB 535-401

Intro to Bioinformatics (PHRM 535)

B. Voight
O. Shalem

On Line

MWF 10–11 am

GCB 752-401

Genomics (CAMB 752)

S. Diskin
K. Maxwell

On Line

R 9:30–12:30 pm

IMUN 507-001

Immune Functions

M. Haldar
L. Su

On Line

T 2-4 pm
R 11–1 pm

IMUN 607-301

Grant Writing

D. Allman
I. Maillard

On Line

T 10-12 pm

NGG 521-401

Brain-Computer Interface (BE 521 primary)

B. Litt

On Line

MW 1:30-3:00 pm

NGG 573-401

Neuroscience Core III: Systems Neuroscience (PSYC 609)

F. Weber
M. Geffen 

Lectures On Line, Labs 210 Stemmler

MWF 10-12 pm

NGG 588-001

Topics in Translational Neuroscience

M. Di Biasi

On Line

F 12-2:30 pm

NGG 594-401

Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience (PHYS 585 primary)

V. Balasubramanian

On Line

TR 9-10:30 am

NGG 618-001

Recovery after Neural Injury

A. Cohen
K. Cullen

On line and JMB Class of 62

TR 9:30–11 am

NGG 695-301

Scientific Writing (.5cu 12/15/20 - 3/2/21)

H. Ischiropoulos
J. Gold

On Line

T 3-5 pm

PHRM 535-401

Intro to Bioinformatics (GCB 535 primary)

B. Voight
O. Shalem

On Line

MWF 10–11 am

PHRM 590-001

Molecular Toxicology (REG 590)

T. Penning

On Line

MW 2-3 pm

PHRM 599-301

PGG Journal Club

S. Thomas

1st half On Line, 2nd half 10-146AB Smilow

R 12-1 pm