Cabinet X-ray irradiator (X-RAD 320ix)

The X-RAD 320ix is one of the three cell irradiators that belong to the Cell and Animal Radiation Core (CARC). The X-RAD 320ix cabinet X-ray irradiator is equipped with 320kVp tube, large irradiation field area (20cmx20cm at 50 cm SSD), variable collimator, and two beam hardening filters for high and low dose rate irradiations and user friendly GUI geared towards self-service. The X-RAD 320ix irradiator is a good alternative to Cs-137 gamma-ray irradiator as photon energies of both irradiators are in the Compton scattering dominant region and basically have the same relative biological effectiveness (RBE).  The X-Rad is also ideal for irradiating cells, other model systems (e.g., yeast, C elegans, Drosophila, etc)  and solutions (e.g., for sterilization).

X-RAD 320ix closedX-RAD 320ix opened