Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

SOPs.1.0   Animal Use and Care in the Cell and Animal Radiation Core (CARC)

Description of the SARRP Staging Area:

This area is located on one of the lab benches in Smilow TRC, room CN-035W and is designated location for Cell and Animal Radiation Core (CARC) clients to place animal cages while in the CARC. The area will be clearly marked “SARRP Staging” with a sign and have white tape delineating the area where cages can be placed within the facility. This is the area users are required to bring cages of animals when first entering the CARC. The CARC does not house animals, as such, the SARRP Staging Area provides a bench location to house cages, weigh animals and prepare them for imaging and/or radiotherapy.

Procedure on entering the CARC

  1. All procedures must receive IACUC approval prior to using the CARC.
  2. On entering the CARC, place animal cages within the designated SARRP Staging area. This area will be cleaned prior to your visit by CARC personnel (see cleaning animal contact area).
  3. A scale to weigh animals will be provided, but it should be cleaned following the use.
  4. Needles and syringes will not be provided, but a sharps container will be provided to dispose of used sharps.
  5. Gloves will be available for use.
  6. The SARRP Staging area is used for
        a) Temporary Animal Storage while in the CARC
        b) weighing animals 
        c) injecting animals
        d) preparing animals for imaging and /or radiotherapy.
  7. The SARRP Staging is to be cleared following use by clients of the facility. All sharps are to be placed in the sharps container and all trash is to be placed in the appropriate receptacle.
  8. CARC Personnel will disinfect the SARRP Staging area immediately following use.