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Image Guided or Regular Photon Radiation therapy of rodents with SARRP

The CARC offers CBCT image guided or manually targeted photon radiation therapy services with 220kV x-rays for rodent species using SARRP. As of July 1, 2020 the usage rates are $150 per hour for the SARRP irradiation and imaging services.

Image Guided or Regular Proton Radiation therapy of rodents with SARRP on rails

The CARC offers CBCT image guided or manually targeted proton radiation therapy with 70-220 MeV protons for rodents and larger animal species using first generation SARRP in combination with fixed gantry proton beam. As of July 1, 2020 the usage rates are $200 per hour plus additional an hour for proton QA for each proton SARRP experiment and imaging services.

Gamma or X-ray Irradiation of cultured cell, tissue specimens and extracts

The CARC offers technician assisted or self-service (for trained Penn users only) sample irradiation services. As of July 1, 2020 the usage rates are $150 per hour and $50 per hour for technician assisted irradiation services and self-service respectively.

CBCT Imaging and Treatment Planning with SARRP

The SARRP CBCT images are acquired by operating the x-ray source at low kV settings, while rotating the animal stage, with the x-ray gantry positioned opposite to the laterally mounted flat panel imager. The reconstructed data is stored in DICOM format. This allows for conformal radiotherapy plans to be generated or image fusion with other imaging data sets including MR (any orientation), PET/CT, and SPECT/CT.

The new SARRP’s TPS comes with many features that are found in modern clinical TPSs such as storing information related to the organ contouring, beam gantry angle arrangement, isodoses and other treatment planning parameters. This feature helps to create and store relevant small animal treatment planning data in the TPS library that can be loaded as a reference plan during new treatment planning process resulting in quick turnaround for the estimation of volumetric dose distributions.

As of July 1, 2020 the usage rates are $150 per hour for the SARRP treatment planning and imaging services.

Irradiator Training

We offer free irradiator training for Penn researchers who wish to use cabinet x-ray and/or gamma-ray irradiators on their own (please note that due to the complex nature and extensive training required for use of the SARRP machines, we do not offer users to use these on their own). It is required to complete online and hands-on training before they are granted access to the irradiator room and irradiator calendar for self-service. To request training service please register and setup an account with our CARC iLab.

Irradiation and CBCT Imaging Rates

The SARRP is operated by core technician and cost of service for imaging and irradiation is $150/hr for UPenn and CHOP users. This cost includes the use of the SARRP staging area, anesthesia system and irradiation. There is a minimum of 15 minute charge for the photon SARRP use. For protons we also charge an additional hour for proton quality and assurance (QA) for each experiment. The consultation fee is $50/hr and it is recommended for new and returning users who need advice on dosimetry, experimental setup or stage development. The External Academic users will be charged at $325/hr rate for the imaging and irradiation services, and there is one (1) hour minimum usage charge at this rate. The rates are developed based on the service volume projections in the end of the fiscal year and no profit is built in. The fees charged include costs for core personnel, operation, periodic maintenance for the equipment and upgrades, etc.

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Irradiation (SARRP, Cesium, XRad320)



CBCT Imaging (SARRP)



Irradiation (Protons)

$200/hr + additional hour for initial QA


Irradiation – self-service (Trained users only)



Consultation (required for new users)



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