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Welcome to CAROT!

Welcome to the Center for Advanced Retinal & Ocular Therapeutics (CAROT) at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. Our mission is to advance the development of novel biologic and small molecule therapeutics for retinal and ocular diseases through a balanced commitment to basic research, translational development, and clinician/patient communities. With an exceptional foundation in clinically relevant ocular research, CAROT is a premiere center for translating novel bench research, such as gene and cell therapies, into the clinic and market. Our center strives to foster nascent projects through various stages of discovery and clinical development. In doing so, we aim to establish an efficient and effective translational infrastructure and supportive environment for both academic and commercial communities.

Live News


CAROT is pleased to announce that two of its members have been selected, along with 11 other scientists and clinicians, to receive the Sanford and Sue Greenberg Prize to End Blindness (see attached press release and click below for invitation to the event. The announcement is featured in this month's issue of National Geographic. The Award will be bestowed in a virtual ceremony on December 14, 2020 that will include a tribute to the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg and guest appearances by a number of celebrities. Read more...

Two members of CAROT, Jean Bennett and Albert Maguire, are delighted to represent our team as recipients of the Greenberg Prize to End Blindness. We are excited to use these funds at CAROT to move forward to bring on the cures!The Awards Ceremony can be viewed at:

Press Release

Coronavirus Updates 

CAROT members are happy to resume laboratory work (cautiously, with reduced numbers of personnel on site and with social distancing) after the covid-19 lockdown that was initiated in March 2020. Stay healthy!


Internal Updates

CAROT is also pleased to announce the recruitment of. Dr. Katherine Uyhazi, who will be seeing patients at PCAM and establishing her own laboratory in the Stellar-Chance Labs.

Gyroscope Therapeutics and the University of Pennsylvania Announce Research Agreement to Develop Gene Therapies for Serious Eye Diseases


Open Positions

Our Center has occasional openings for highly motivated scientists with relevant experience in neuroscience, genetics, molecular biology, imaging, regulatory affairs, and related fields. Please contact to inquire about research opportunities in our Center. CAROT is pleased to announce the expansion of its retinal degeneration clinical services at the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine. 


CAROT is pleased to announce the expansion of its retinal degeneration clinical services at the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine.



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