Epic Cosmos

Cosmos has a representative sample of patients across all races, sexes, ages, rural-urban locations, and types of insurance. Epic integrates both inpatient and outpatient charts into a single record, including all clinical specialties to form a more comprehensive and detailed picture of a patient's health. Penn, as an Epic site, submits PennChart data to the broader network. Penn researchers can access the Cosmos network but will not be able to identify any patients, including Penn patients.

  • Data Set
    • HIPAA limited data set – demographics, vitals, medications, labs, procedures, encounters, results, Care Team, Allergies, Birth History, Family History, Immunizations, Infections, Microbiology Results, OB History, Smartdata Elements, Social history, respiratory data
    • Excludes HIV and mental health data and substance abuse
    • External data from other Epic customers- pooled data set
  • Tools and Functions
    • Public health research/ population research/ epidemiological studies
    • Planned- trial feasibility and cohort identification for industry sponsor clinical trials / clinical research
  •  Advantages
    • Penn + other EPIC customers
    • Real-time data refreshes
    • Fairly easy to use 
    • Visualization tool
  • Limitations
    • Only EMR data
    • Limited analytical capabilities 

Cosmos Access

  • PennChart users/ accounts need to have an active Epic UserWeb account
    • Check with PennChart Research team to complete user form and they will centrally submit to Epic
    • Epic will directly notify the end user of account
    • Takes 1-2 weeks for request process
    • No PennChart account
    • Lawson manager to sponsor PennChart account and complete PennChart View Only training
    • Same process as above once PennChart account is set up 

For the most up to date information about different analytical tools and resources to support analytics and observational research at Penn, visit the Research Storefront.