Penn Clinical Research (CR) Certification Program

The Penn CR Certification and re-certification training program will no longer be available/ will be sunset starting October 30, 2023. Penn CR Onboarding (above) is still required per SOP 401 for clinical research staff engaged in clinical research.

In recognition of the growth of the clinical research professional role, and the various types of jobs that fit into these roles; we have focused on generating training materials for various paths and career ladders across the areas of regulatory affairs, monitoring and quality assurance, data management, project management, clinical research nursing and clinical research operations. As these positions are updated in Workday, corresponding training is forthcoming.

  • If you have already completed credits towards Penn CR Certification and have filled out the application; the Office of Clinical Research will process your application. Credits from completed trainings will remain in Workday Learning.
  • If you are in the process of completing courses/ modules towards Penn CR Certification, we encourage you to complete them before October 30, 2023. However this is not required, you may request to have those courses unassigned by placing a Workday Learning ticket or email the Office of Clinical Research.