The PennCRMS (Velos) is a clinical research management system designed to support and manage research in the Perelman School of Medicine (PSoM). This centralized database is designed to help study coordinators, principal investigators, faculty and research staff track and report on nearly every aspect of a clinical trial.

The PennCRMS enables the study team to manage aspects of research such as subject tracking, CRF collection, data management, reporting and financial tools. Study calendars can be created based on the protocol to track milestones. The benefits of this centralized management system include improved regulatory compliance, visibility into study status and study progress, study data aggregation and financial oversight.  The PennCRMS interface with PennChart (EPIC) synchronizes patient enrollment statuses between the two systems, creating one consistent source of enrollment data. Study, patient, and demographic data remain current and accurate in both systems.


The information below outlines the training required for new accounts, reactivations, and those external to University of Pennsylvania. Access to the PennCRMS (Velos) requires training and may depend on your role or your previous access. 

Please Note: PennCRMS account are deactivated after 6 months of inactivity. Log-in every 6 months to keep your account active.

PennCRMS Access: Coordinators, Research Assistants, Study Team Members, Project Managers

The PennCRMS Fundamentals Instructor-led Training is a synchronous virtual session, includes a hands-on training exercise and reviews the following workflows: study registration, study management, patient management/enrollment.
NOTE: This virtual training allows for 15 attendees and can be self-assigned. Access and Credit will be given after attending the entire class and completing the training exercise.

PennCRMS Access: PIs, Faculty, Residents, Fellows

Principal Investigators, Faculty, Residents and Fellows can choose from two online training modules based on their needs and use of the PennCRMS. Use the decision tree below to choose the appropriate training and the corresponding link to the course in Workday Learning.

Contact OCR's PennCRMS Team if you have any questions about the PennCRMS. Click on the appropriate link below to go directly to the training in Workday Learning.


-PennCRMS CRF Training: SAE Sign-off/PI Verification

-PennCRMS Fundamentals: PIs, Faculty, Residents, Fellows

Reactivating a PennCRMS Account

PennCRMS accounts are deactivated after 6 months of inactivity. If you have switched job roles and/or departments, this could impact your access and modifications to your account may be needed. To reactivate your PennCRMS account:

  • Submit a request to PennCRMS IT Support to have your account reactivated or via the PennCRMS Online Submission Form. Be sure to select “reactivate account” in your ticket category. A member of the PennCRMS team will contact you via your ticket outlining the requirements for reactivation.
    • Account deactivated 6-12 months
      • Access form required
    • Account deactivated 12-24 months
      • Access form required
      • PennCRMS Refresher required
      • Submit a ticket to the  PennCRMS IT Support team  ticket indicating training refresher is completed. If you have not submitted your PennCRMS access form, attach it to this ticket.
    • Account deactivated 24+ months
      • Access form required
      • In-person training is required. Self-registration is via Workday
PennCRMS Advanced Training (CRFs, calendars and data extraction)

OCR offers training classes on advanced functions of the PennCRMS such as building calendars or case report form (eCRFs). Submit a PennCRMS IT Support ticket to request this training. 
Please Note: You should have an active PennCRMS account to request this training.

External PennCRMS Access (non-Penn staff)

Non-Penn employees/external users will need a Guest PennKey. A PennKey is a unique username required to authenticate your identity for access to many of Penn’s online resources and systems, including Workday Learning, the Learning Management System.

The PennCRMS Fundamentals Training: Instructor-led class (Virtual) is required for all new PennCRMS users and can be self-assigned in Workday Learning

External users should follow these steps:

  • A Penn staff member “sponsoring” the external user should submit a request for a guest PennKey
  • Information about sponsoring a guest and guest PennKey form can be found HERE

PennCRMS Links to System

PennCRMS Training/Sandbox link

  • For testing and training

PennCRMS Live/Production link

  • For data entry and study management
PennCRMS User Manuals

PennCRMS User Manual: Study Registration

  • Comprehensive guide to registering studies and study administration

PennCRMS User Manual: Study Management

  • Comprehensive guide to managing study statuses, study teams, study set up including calendars

PennCRMS User Manual: Subject Management

  • Comprehensive guide to managing subject statuses, status definitions
PennCRMS Support
PennCRMS Policy Documents & Release Notes

Study Management

PennCRMS: Managing Study Site Status

  • Manage study site statuses, study start/end date, and current status

PennCRMS: Managing Study Teams

  • Adding study team members, manage access rights, and deactivating team members

Subject Management

PennCRMS: Subject Status Flow Chart

  • Recommended workflow for subject statuses

Creating New Patients/Subjects in PennCRMS

  • Creating a patient record in your home organization when not found in an EPIC search
  • Creating an external organization patient record

PennCRMS /PennChart

Epic Billing Review/PennCRMS Subject Status

  • For synchronized studies where the status is updated in either system:

        -How the other system is impacted

        -How to use status or dates to control billing review in EPIC

Locating a UID/MRN in PennChart

  • How to find a patient’s Universal Identification Number (UID) in PennChart

Syncing PennCRMS with PennChart

  • Process of syncing records between PennCRMS and PennChart and the data that flows between the two systems


PennCRMS: Reporting Tip Sheet

  • Overview of helpful quick reports in the PennCRMS

PennCRMS: Quick Reports User Manual

  • Comprehensive manual for using quick reports

PennCRMS Quick Reports: Accrual

  • Use Quick Reports for subject status counts, enrollments, and accrual

Post-Training Tip Sheets for PIs and Research Staff

PennCRMS: Post-Training Tip Sheet

  • At a glance tips to help staff post-training: adding people to study teams, updating statuses or PennCRMS requirements

PennCRMS: PI and Medical Director Assessment & SAE CRF Sign-off 

  • Process overview for PI and Medical Directors to sign off on SAE CRFs in the PennCRMS.


Calendars (Patient Schedules)

  • Assigning calendars (Patient Schedules) to subjects and managing visits/events

Form Status Definitions

  • Managing form statuses for eCRFs and monitoring

Query Status Definitions

  • Managing query statuses on monitored forms

Dashboard-CRF/Query Tool

  • Dashboard to view, edit, and reconcile CRFs/queries at the same time in a split-screen window



Do you have questions about the PennCRMS?  Contact the PennCRMS Team.