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In the early trial design stage, it may be beneficial to take a look at exactly how many available subjects within Penn Medicine there are for a trial. This can be helpful information to include in a grant proposal or when planning a recruitment strategy. It may also be necessary information to provide to an external sponsor during the site selection process. Below is a quick snapshot and some more details about some of the resource available to support this.

For research requests in which identifiable data is needed, IRB approval will need to be supplied and access granted to appropriate tools. For most researchers, Slicer Dicer or reporting Workbench are the recommended tools for this activity. The alternative is to use the DAC who will serve as a broker for the identifiable data.

  • Data Set
    • Demographics/ conditions/ medications/ labs /results/ encounters/ procedures/ vitals
    • Includes PHI via Reporting Work Bench (RBW)
  • Tools and Functions
    • Cohort identification for research hypothesis generation/ grant submissions/ trial feasibility
    • Preparatory to Research functions – specifically around recruitment – can connect directly to MPM recruiting functions with IRB approval and PennChart research team build
  • Advantages
    • Real-time data updates
    • Easy to use
    • Strong Visualization Tools
  • Limitations 
    • Requires level of PennChart understanding for data modeling and not a very precise tool
    • Not a research analytics tool
    • No external data
    • Limited to EMR data
    • Not a research analytics tool; no R, SQL, Python informatics type tools built into SD

Example Slicer Dicer Visualization

sceenshot of slicer dicer tool

To Access Slicer Dicer

The process of accessing Slicer Dicer is different for PennChart vs. non PennChart research users

  • For those with a current PennChart Active Account
    • Should have access to Slicer Dicer – search in  Report Management > Analytics > Slicer Dicer
    • Research Coordinator Profile – need to complete read and understood document on provisions and appropriate use in Workday to receive access .
  • No PennChart Account  - you will need someone to sponsor a PennChart account for you. You should engage and speak to your Lawson manager:
    • Lawson manager to sponsor UPHS/ Penn Medicine account
    • Complete View only training for PennChart
    • Complete "read and acknowledge" training titled Using SlicerDicer for Research in Knowledge Link.

Slicer Dicer Tip Sheet