Specific Training

Good Clinical Practice:

Training Resource: [Select any one of the following]:

  1. Completion of on-line, interactive ACRP Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Simulation module
  2. Completion of: CITI's GCP eLearning Module [CITI Drugs and Device and Social & Behavioral]
  3. Providing documentation of approved, sponsor-required GCP training

Frequency: Prior to starting clinical research and every three years

HIPAA Privacy*:

Training Resource: Protecting Patient Information (HIPAA) (UPHS)
Frequency: At start of PSOM employment and every year

Conflict of Interest*

Training Resource: Financial Conflict of Interest in Research Investigator Training Course
Frequency: At start of employment at Penn; prior to engaging in research and every four years
Applies to: Anyone whom the Principal Investigator determines is responsible for the design, conduct or reporting of research. Training requirement is based on PI determination only.

PennChart- Coordinator:

Training Resource: PennChart Training for Research Coordinators
Frequency: Before system use
Applies to: Any CRC or CRPM working on studies in PennChart

PennChart- Research Biller:

Training Resource: PennChart Training for Research Billers
Frequency: Before research billing review can be conducted
Applies to: Any CRC or CRPM involved in research review of billable services in PennChart


Training Resource: PennCTMS Training 
Frequency: Before system use
Applies to anyone who is: Designated by his or her department to serve in a role requiring PennCTMS training— e.g., registering studies or managing subjects in PennCTMS.

Training Resource: Investigational New Drug (IND) — Sponsor Training
Frequency: Prior to serving in sponsor representative role
Applies to anyone who is: Qualified to serve and designated by a sponsor  to serve as a sponsor representative