2022 Core Director Awards

Awarded annually, the Core Director Award serves to honor the exemplary leadership and dedication of our core directors, whose facilities serve as an integral catalyst for PSOM’s groundbreaking research.

2022 Awardees

Image of Drs. Stout and Schultz


We are delighted to announce that, following a review by a sub-group of the Cores Committee, Drs. David Schultz and Andrea Stout have been selected as the winners of our 2022 Core Director Awards.

Dr. Schultz has served as Technical Director of the High Throughput Screening Core Facility since 2015, and has consistently worked to expand and improve the HTSC’s capabilities.  In additional to developing new and exciting assays, Dr. Schultz implements them with rigor.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Schultz worked tirelessly to screen for antivirals, and his work has led to important discoveries in antiviral therapeutics. 

Dr. Stout serves as Technical Director of the CDB Microscopy Core Facility, and is responsible for all aspects of its service.  Her deep knowledge and dedication to supporting the acquisition of cutting-edge technology, while also educating users, substantially raises the level of microscopy available at PSOM.  Dr. Stout’s training expertise and ability to creatively brainstorm solutions has directly contributed to the success of projects, with one user naming her “...an essential contributor to my education on confocal knowledge.”

We are honored to recognize the tremendous accomplishments of Drs. Schultz and Stout as Core Facility Directors.  We would also like to commend Drs. Derek Jones, Jean Richa, and Kenton Woodard, along with Kate Bennett, Stephen Durborow, and Chris Helker who have received honorable mention status.  We are grateful for their continued efforts to achieve excellence as part of our PSOM Biomedical Research Core Facility Community.

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