Cell and Developmental Biology Microscopy Core

  • SHG image of collagen in mouse cervix
  • GFP in C. elegans
  • Immunofluorescence-stained hair follicle, Sarah Millar Lab
  • Drosophila testis
  • Immunofluorescent Islet

CDB Microscopy Core

The Cell & Developmental Biology (CDB) Microscopy Core provides personalized assistance on all aspects of imaging, from tips on sample preparation to training on one of our microscopes to assistance with image data analysis. Our facility currently houses seven confocal microscopes, a Bruker Vutara 352 super-resolution system, a Zeiss Z.1 Lightsheet system, three widefield light microscopes, and several computers dedicated to image processing and analysis.  In addition, we offer scanning electron microscope (SEM) sample preparation and imaging.


SAVE THE DATE: On April 23, 2020,  our core is hosting the North Atlantic Microscopy Society (NAMS) Spring Symposium.  There will be plenary speakers, vendor talks, and a poster session (plus lunch). Student registration is only $5! (free if you present a poster). Visit the NAMS web site to register.

The next pre-training lecture will take place on Wednesday, February 5 2020, 12:00 - 1:30 pm in room 1101 BRB.  Email Andrea Stout before 12 pm on Tuesday, Feb. 4 if you want to attend.  Dates for future lectures may be found here.

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