Core Services Offered

There are two options for using our Core's widefield or confocal microscopes:

Assisted sessions: You bring prepared samples and a Core staff member acquires the images for you. To book an assisted session, contact Andrea or Jasmine via email. Assisted sessions must take place during regular weekday hours (9:30am - 6:00pm, M-F). Recommended for users new to confocal or who need confocal images only occasionally.

Unassisted sessions: Users who have completed their hands-on training may book their own sessions through our online reservation system and work independently on any of our microscopes. Unassisted sessions can take place anytime, weekdays or weekends. Recommended for users who need to use our microscopes on a routine basis. For more information about our training program please read this page.

Core staff member Yuri Veklich provides consultation, sample preparation, and imaging on the FEI Quanta 250 scanning electron microscope housed in the Electron Microscopy Resource Laboratory, suite B33 Anatomy-Chemistry Building. Contact Yuri directly to learn more about SEM or to schedule an appointment.