Website Options

Self-Serve Website Service

For sites that need to be up and running quickly, we provide a "self-serve" website service (also sometimes referred to as SSFlex). This option lets you select a design, theme, and font pairing and then you can populate the site, yourself, with text and graphics. This is by far the fastest type of website to set up, is fully supported by our team, and makes up the vast majority of PSOM-hosted sites.

Learn about our Self-serve Website Service

Custom Designs

For PSOM departments, offices, and centers who have more complex website needs, the DART Web Design team can create a modified self-serve site or a fully custom design to fit your needs. If you need a few special features beyond what SSFlex provides out of the box, but you do not require a completely unique design, we may be able to add customizations to an SSFlex site to meet your needs ("medium customization"). Fully custom designs ("high customization") are not available to faculty labs or student groups, and they incur a far longer wait time.

Regardless of the degree of customization, all of our sites are built using the same content management system as self-serve sites so you can populate and maintain the site after it's live.

Below is a sampling of our sites to give you a better sense for the range of options:

If you are interested in a custom design and your organization falls within the Perelman School of Medicine, please contact us.

For Websites with a Clinical / Patient Focus

Websites with a clinical or patient focus should reside on Please contact the Penn Medicine Marketing Web Team for assistance.

Other Web Hosting Services

DART also provides additional limited-support platforms for those groups interested in using Word Press, Drupal, or doing their own website development. For more information on the availability of these services or to discuss the prospect of working with DART on a new web development project, please see the DART website.

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