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For Cryo-ET data acquisition and advanced sample preparation towards Cryo-EM/Cryo-ET, reach out to As part of the Cryo-ET branch, there is a Zeiss LSM900 laser scanning confocal light microscope designed to facilitate correlative cryogenic workflows, specifically for targeted Cryo-EM and Cryo-ET data acquisition. Additionally, a Zeiss Crossbeam 550 (equipped with a cryostage, a Delmic Meteor in-chamber fluorescence microscope, high signal-to-noise primary and secondary electron detectors, and superior electron optics) is capable of conducting volumetric scanning electron microscopy (SEM) reconstructions and thinning of biological specimens in a targeted fashion for subsequent Cryo-ET.

We offer the following services at the Beckman Center for Cryo-Electron Microscopy:

Advanced Cryo-EM:

  • Freezingscreening, and optimization of samples for Cryo-EM.
  • Users may choose to have screening done by our staff or to receive hands-on training and perform their own screening assisted by staff.
  • High-resolution data acquisition of the prescreened samples on the Krios G3i microscope.
  • Data transfer via the Penn network (internal users only), hard drives, or file sharing services such as Globus (the user needs to provide an account).
  • The facility is currently restricted to staff for the operation and management of the microscope.

Note: The “advanced Cryo-EM” branch does not provide Cryo-EM data processing and reconstruction services. However, we may be able to assist - please inquire if you need help with data processing. 

Advanced Cryo-ET:

  • Training on the LSM900.
  • Training on the Crossbeam 550.
  • Assistance with sample preparation for Cryo-ET
  • Assistance with and training on the Krios for Cryo-ET data acquisition
  • Assistance with Cryo-ET data processing and post-processing/analysis on a case-by-case basis.

Research Resource Identifier (RRID)

Our RRID is RRID:SCR_022375. Please cite us using this identifier when publishing your results.