Policies & Procedures

TEM Training and User Operation

TEM Training consists of three 1 hour sessions of one-to-one training. During the first session, the EMRL core staff will walk you through the entire process of Instrument's SOPs, rules, and regulations. You are allowed to practice under the supervision/guidance of the staff. If additional training is required for a particular case, the user shall consult the staff and coordinate with their calendar. The ultimate goal of any user is to be an independent TEM user.

An independent user is one who can work independently, meaning the user is certified to (also) work during weekends, holidays and overnight without the supervision of staff. To be independent, individual users must demonstrate proficiency in performing all required steps and tasks independently, including but not limited to: 1) handling holders, 2) microscope alignments, 3) imaging and data collection, 4) ending of session, and 5) basic troubleshooting (and being able to assess what does/does not constitute “basic troubleshooting” vs problems that require immediate notification of the staff). Users should be able to perform all necessary steps mostly without having to refer to their notes, and while operating all instrument components safely.

Only the signed-up user is allowed to operate the scope (unless otherwise approved by the staff).

VERY IMPORTANT: If users experience any problems while operating the instruments (hardware issues or software/computer errors such as pop-up icons “red circle/white cross”), they must not attempt to resolve the problem. On the microscopes: stop operations, close the column valves, contact the staff immediately (24-hour contact is posted on the room sign); then record the error in the logbook.

Billing Charges

All users must sign up prior to usage on iLab website. You have 24 hrs from the time your session begins to modify/cancel the reservation. Any cancellations during this 24-hour period will be subjected to charges if the canceled slot is not occupied.

A User will be charged for the entire reserved slot, even if the user finishes early (so plan accordingly).

If an error causes termination of the session, the user will not be billed for the remainder of the booked time. However, it's absolutely your responsibility to follow up with staff to make sure that the session has been canceled and not billed for the unused instrument time

Policies for JEOL

JEOL is primarily used for imaging biological samples.

  • A new user will not be allowed to sign up for JEOL until fully trained by the EMRL staff .
  • It's your responsibility to backup all your data onto an external hard drive.
  • It's absolutely essential to follow the procedures and protocols as advised by the EMRL staff. A user is prohibited from customizing the variables on the microscope PC as well as the control panels on the microscope. 
  • Never insert a USB device of your own into the microscope computers.
  • Never step on any cables or wander behind the microscope.
  • Do not forget to fill in the logbook after your session.