Christina Slaw Cheok Liew, MBChB, MSc, PGDip, PhD Canidate

International Scholar

  •  Assistant Professor, Assessments | College of Health Sciences, VinUniversity
  •  Vietnam | Malaysia
  •   International Medical Education | Medical Education | Sleep Medicine | Telemedicine

Languages: English (Fluent), Mandarin (Fluent), Malay (Fluent), Hokkien Dialect (Fluent), Cantonese (beginner)

Bio statement

Dr Christina Liew is a medical simulationist with 15 years of teaching experience in clinical skills. Dr Liew is a Fellow of the International FAIMER Institute. She believes that medical simulation plays a vital role in addressing global health topics by offering a safe environment to train healthcare professionals for encounters in diverse global settings. She initiated the development of a virtual consultation (telemedicine) training in Malaysia that addresses the pressing need for remote healthcare delivery. She supervises medical students in health education initiatives targeted for community-based education and research. Currently, Dr Liew is an Assistant Professor at VinUniversity, Vietnam, leading the clinical and communication skills teaching, and Assessment Lead of the MD Program.

Recent global health projects

1. I have recently been working on a project on telemedicine (virtual Consultation) and have developed a training program for undergraduate medical students. I hope that the training program will be able to improve telemedicine/virtual health competencies in medical students and hence be able to help improve patient safety and equity of healthcare in South-East Asian nations and internationally.

2. Another project that I have been working on with medical students in the area of sleep deprivation and its prevalence in the semi-urban communities in Selangor, Malaysia. I have authored a review paper on sleep deprivation and has published it in Sleep Medicine. The manuscript in the fieldwork on sleep deprivation and semi-urban communities are currently under preparation.

Selected publications

Liew SC, Tan MP, Breen E, et al. Microlearning and online simulation-based virtual consultation training module for the undergraduate medical curriculum – a preliminary evaluation. BMC Medical Education 2023; 23: 796-806.

Liew SC*, Aung T. Sleep deprivation and its association with diseases- A Review. Sleep Medicine. 2021; 77: 192- 204.

Liew SC, Pallath V, Rasali Y, et al. Knowledge, attitude, and practice of virtual consultation among outpatients at a teaching hospital in Malaysia. Plos One. 2023; accepted for publication (in press).

Publications in local Malaysian newspaper (The Star) on sleep issues.

Liew SC*. Is your teenager sleep deprived? The Star Newspaper. 9 June 2022.
Liew SC*, Munikanan T. Be mindful over sleep. The Star Newspaper. 24 April 2022.
Liew SC*, Wong EKO. Ensuring that we get our quality sleep. The Star Newspaper. 15 April 2021.
Liew SC*, Aung T. When your child is not sleeping well. The Star Newspaper. 11 Jun 2020.
Liew SC*, Aung T. This is why sleep is so important. The Star Newspaper. 7 Nov 2019.

Last Updated: 13 December 2023