Demyan Yuriy, PhD

International Scholar

  •  Pediatric Orthopedist, Regional Children Hospital, Zakarpattia
  •  Ukraine
  •   Pediatric Orthopedics | Soft Tissue Reconstruction | Trauma

Languages: Ukrainian (Native), English (Intermediate)

Bio statement

Traumatology and Orthopedics is my greatest interest, especially congenital and acquired limb deformities in children and adults. Lately I have defended my PhD on the “flexible flat foot in children with hypermobility of joints” theme. I am looking forward to getting a new knowledge in the field of pathology of hip and knee joint. Discovering new methodologies of treatment and implementing it on treating the children and adult  of my homeland. Also in connection with the war in Ukraine, I am interested in the treatment of blast trauma our military patients, especially soft tissue reconstruction and large bone defects.

Recent global health projects

1) Ph.D. work on the “flexible flat foot in children with hypermobility of joints”
2)Soft tissue reconstruction

Selected publications

Demyan Yuriy. Own research experience of bone tissue metabolism in patients with the Ehlers-Danlos syndrome / Yuriy Demyan, Iurii Guk, Oleksandr Magomedov, Andrii Zyma, Andrii Cheverda, Tamara.Kincha Polishchuk, Balacka //International Conference on Children’s Bone Health. - 10-13 June 2017. -Würzburg, Germany.


Last Updated: 09 October 2023