Dmytro Vinnytskyi, MD

International Scholar

  •  Orthopedic Surgeon - Mukachevo Military Hospital
  •  Ukraine
  •   Arthroscopy | Microsurgery | Orthopedics | Osteoplasty | Trauma

Languages: Ukrainian (Native), English (advanced)

Bio statement

During the tragedy that befell Ukraine, its people and the entire democratic world, namely, the unprovoked attack of Russia on a peaceful country until recently, it forces doctors from the entire civilized world to unite to treat the terrible injuries and mutilations of Ukrainians who suffered in the war. As a military orthopedist and traumatologist, I directly face extremely difficult challenges after the injuries of our defenders. Therefore, I greatly appreciate the help of American colleagues from the University of Pennsylvania, who make a significant contribution to the recovery of our soldiers and the acceleration of our victory. Slava Ukraini!

Recent global health projects

I participate in online consultations, exchange of experience, training and joint surgical work in the treatment of defenders of Ukraine with our colleagues from the University of Pennsylvania


Last Updated: 18 October 2023