Farouk Dako, MD, MPH


  •  Assistant Professor - Department of Radiology
  •  Nigeria
  •   Artifical Inteligence | Enterprise Advancement | Imaging | Radiology Education

Languages: English 


I have worked in global radiology for over 5 years with focus in Nigeria, mainly through RAD-AID International. I am interested in advancing radiology in underserved areas and increasing radiology's role in global health promotion


1. I was a part of an on-site team that installed a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) in Nigeria in 2019. We continue to monitor and optimize this system remotely and we have numerous presentation and a publication about our effort

2. I helped organize an Interventional Radiology symposium and supervised live cases in Nigeria in 2019. It involved multiple international presenters from Africa, Asia and U.S. This was an initial effort as part of the ultimate goal of creating the first Interventional Radiology training program in Nigeria

Selected Publications

1. Elahi A, Dako F, Zember J, Ojetayo B, Gerus DA, Schweitzer A, Mollura DJ, Awan O. Overcoming Challenges for Successful PACS Installation in Low-Resource Regions: Our Experience in Nigeria. Journal of Digital Imaging. 2020 Jun 3.

2. Averill SL, Dako F, Pollard JH. Medical Ethics in Global Health Radiology. In Radiology in Global Health 2019 (pp. 35-47). Springer, Cham.

3. Mollura DJ, Soroosh G, Culp MP, Averill S, Axelrod D, Baheti A, Battino G, Buchanan K, Bueno J, Dako F, Desperito E. 2016 RAD-AID conference on international radiology for developing countries: gaps, growth, and United Nations sustainable development goals. Journal of the American College of Radiology. 2017 Jun 1;14(6):841-7.

4.4. Mollura DJ, Culp MP, Battino G,...Dako F. Artificial Intelligence in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs): Innovating Global Health Radiology. Radiology. Accepted July 7, 2020