International Medical Student: Research Application

A note about US Medical Schools. Here in the US, students get a bachelor’s degree prior to attending Medical School. This is a 4-year post-secondary college degree. Once this is achieved, students can then apply to medical school, which is another 4 years. We do not have a 6-year, straight from secondary school, system here. If you hold a Bachelor's degree in addition to your medical schooling, then you are ready to complete this application. If you do not please read below regarding an important requirement:

In order to get the J1 visa needed for your research opportunity the US government needs verification that the schooling you have completed thus far would be the equivalent of a US Bachelor's degree before they will issue you a visa. This verification must come from a 3rd party company and cannot come from your school. Please use one of the approved sites below: 

Research Application Part 1