JaBaris Demond Swain, MD, MPH


  •  Clinical Associate Surgeon
  •  Haiti | Rwanda
  •   Cardiothoracic Surgery | Global Surgery | Public Health


Dr. Swain is a cardiothoracic transplant surgeon-scientist and global health scholar with a dedicated focus on humanitarian cardiac surgery, cardiology education and global public health. His work focuses exclusively on augmenting access to clinical education and care delivery for cardiovascular diseases within resource-limited settings such as Rwanda and Haiti. He has lived in these areas and provided support to a number of projects designed to strengthen health care infrastructures for critically vulnerable populations in resource constrained settings as well as participated in the provision of surgery and critical care to patients in these regions.


I have actively been involved with and worked in Rwanda for over a decade alongside a non-profit organization called Team Heart, who in partnership with the Rwandan Ministry of Health, the Rwanda Heart Foundation, and select global partners, has dedicated its efforts to address the burden of cardiac disease in Rwanda through:

Establishing a sustainable regional center of excellence in cardiac care, including cardiac surgery, a heart catheterization lab, rehabilitation and prevention, research and education in partnership with Rwanda local partners.

Addressing the suffering of adolescents and young adults afflicted with advanced rheumatic heart disease in Rwanda with surgical intervention to return to productive and fulfilling life.

Preventing advanced rheumatic heart disease through a combined effort of surveillance, prevention, education and early intervention.

Supporting advocacy and poverty reduction initiatives for the population of marginalized individuals who suffer from chronic heart disease and the resulting impact on their ability to support themselves and their family.


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Last Updated: 28 February 2022