Kumarasen Cooper, MD, PhD.


  •  Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
  •  South Africa | Botswana
  •   Medical Education | Surgical Pathology | Teaching

Languages: English (native)


I have spent two months/year since 2016 at University of Botswana (under umbrella of UB-Penn Partnership) teaching and training residents at UB. Since April 2017, seven Penn Pathology residents, one medical student and one pathology assistant, have accompanied me and teaching UB residents. In addition i have performed clinical work (signed out surgical pathology cases with residents) on a regular basis. My Penn residents have taught a broad range of subjects in surgical pathology with much enthusiasm. In return we have brought two Botswana residents (month each) to spend an elective at Penn Pathology.


Much of my efforts thus far have involved my energy in teaching and training. I also advised and mentored UB residents embarking on Pathology research programs essential for their graduation.


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Last Updated: 18 March 2024