Lawrence Shulman, MD


  •  Professor of Medicine | University of Pennsylvania
  •  Botswana | Greece | Haiti | Rwanda
  •   Delivery infrastructure | Global Oncology | Implementation research

Languages: English (native)

Bio statement

I am Deputy Director for Clinical Services, and Director, Center for Global Cancer Medicine in the Abramson Cancer Center at Penn. I am a practicing medical oncologist with a specialization in breast cancer. I have worked with Paul Farmer's organization, Partners In Health, in Rwanda and Haiti since 2011, helping to lead the establishment of cancer programs at both sites. Since coming to Penn I have engaged in similar work in Botswana. I have also worked with WHO to update the Essential Medicines List for Cancer. I serve on the International Affairs Committee of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

Recent global health projects

Read Dr. Shulman's recent blog post on his breast cancer work in Rwanda.

Establishment and improvement of cancer care delivery for Rwanda and Haiti.

Helping the American Society of Clinical Oncology define and develop an academic track for global cancer medicine.

Selected publications

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Last Updated: 27 January 2022