Linh Cu Le, MD, PhD

International Scholar

  •  Executive Vice Dean - College of Health Sciences, VinUniversity
  •  China | India | Vietnam
  •   Adolescent health | Cancer epidemiology | Injury Prevention | Reproductive health

Languages (native), English (fluent)


Dr Linh worked almost 17 years at Hanoi University of Public Health and dedicatedly contributed to the delivery of the very first Master and Doctoral program of Public Health in Vietnam. Dr Linh joined Vinmec – the leading private healthcare system in Vietnam in 2014 and played instrumental role to establish VinUniversity and its College of Health Sciences. His research and policy advocacy focused on road traffic safety, injury prevention, adolescent and population health. As a scholar, he provided technical support to numerous projects for EU, WHO, UNFPA, UNICEF, etc. in Vietnam, China, the Philippines, and India.


Collaborative Researcher, Vietnam Colorectal Cancer ans Polyps Research (VinCAPR), a collaborative study between Vinmec Healthcare System (the leading private healthcare provider in Vietnam), VinUniversity, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) and Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC). VinCAPR aims to: 1) perform a research project on colorectal cancer and colorectal polyps in Hanoi, Vietnam to identify risk factors (both environmental and genetic factors) for CRC cancer and polyps (adenomas) and identify susceptibility genetic loci/genes related to the risk of colorectal cancer and polyps in Vietnam, using Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) approach; 2) build capacity of research team at Vinmec; 3) initiate database and biobank as springboard for future molecular epidemiology/ancillary studies.

VinCAPR is the very first population-based research project in Vietnam that provides such a large-scale colorectal polyp and cancer (CRC) screening, coupled with epidemiologic and genetic risk factor study. In April 2017, an organized CRC screening program was launched in Hanoi City, Vietnam by Hanoi Department of Health, targeting men and women who are 40 years or older and are living in Hanoi. With sponsorship from Vinmec, from January 2018 to October 2019, VinCAPR provided 103,542 iFOBT to men and women who are 40 years of age and older and are living in 6 districts of Hanoi. 84,369 tests were returned, making the return rate of 81.5%. After deduplication and excluding iFOBT results of ineligible participants, 80,347 test results remain. The number of iFOBT test positive were 4,904 (or 6.1%). VinCAPR then provided subsequent colonoscopy or positive cases. Among those who underwent colonoscopy, the rate of cancer that was pathologically confirmed was 3.5% and the respective rates of advanced and non-advanced adenomas were 18.1% and 21.5%. VinCAPR is now on-going, conducting a case-control study on the polyps and cancer cases.


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Last Updated: 08 April 2024