Marietta Ambrose, MD, MPH, MSEd


  •  Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine | University of Pennsylvania
  •  Haiti | Jamaica | Kenya
  •   Global Cardiovascular Disease

Languages: English (native)


I am a cardiologist with additional training in advanced cardiovascular imaging and women’s health, and an interest in improving global cardiovascular health. I am the director of Penn Cardiology International (University of Pennsylvania Cardiology Division’s International Outreach Section), and I lead its effort to contribute to improving global cardiovascular health. We develop relationships with mutually aligned institutions, to create sustainable programs and infrastructure that are aimed at delivery of excellent cardiovascular care. Our active collaborations with our global community members occur through research, education, training and clinical activity.


Dr Ambrose directs the Penn Cardiology International (PCIL), which is HUP’s cardiovascular medicine division’s global outreach section. One of PCIL’s current initiatives concentrates on improving healthcare in the Caribbean region, via collaboration with Jamaica’s Heart Institute of the Caribbean (HIC). HIC is a regional cardiovascular medicine center of excellence which has been improving the quality of cardiovascular healthcare in the Caribbean. HIC provides higher level management of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) through utilization of suitable, affordable technology and innovation. Currently, PCIL provides a monthly series of continuing medical education (CME) teleconferences to HIC. This teleconference seeks to improve HIC’s immediate delivery of heart failure care, with a long-term goal to create an advanced heart failure program. In the future, PCIL hopes to increase engagement of Penn cardiologists and trainees at HIC, and to develop relationships with other Caribbean institutions.

Delivery of cardiology education by creating a virtual curriculum for resident trainees in Haiti. Also participating in the teaching.

Worked with Vinmec in Vietnam to help create a cardiology center of excellence before the COVID-19 pandemic occurred and hindered further collaboration.


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Last Updated: 28 March 2023