Megan Rybarczyk, MD, MPH


  •  Global EM Fellowship Program Director, Assistant Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine | University of Pennsylvania
  •  Pakistan | Botswana
  •   Development | Education | Emergency Care Systems

Languages: English (native proficiency); Spanish (limited working proficiency); French (elementary proficiency)


Dr. Megan Rybarczyk, MD, MPH, FACEP is the program director for the Penn Global Emergency Medicine Fellowship and faculty within the Department of Emergency Medicine at Penn Medicine, where she is currently an Assistant Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine. Throughout her career, her work in Global Emergency Medicine has involved research, education, clinical care, and/or disaster response in countries such as the Botswana, Bangladesh, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Dominica, Egypt, Ethiopia, Haiti, Honduras, India, Pakistan, South Africa, and Uganda. Her work is focused primarily on education and training and emergency care systems development.


Dr. Rybarczyk has worked with partners within the Indus Hospital and Health Network in Karachi, Pakistan for several years to develop, implement, and make sustainable a one-year training program for physicians who patients across Pakistan. The program, the Certification Program in Emergency Medicine (CPEM) seeks to assist in the advancement of the specialty of Emergency Medicine and to help improve the quality of emergency care provided throughout the country ( She currently serves as the Academic Faculty Lead for the program. She also engages in other emergency care systems development in the country through implementation of the WHO-ICRC Basic Emergency Care Course; other training programs, including a Leadership in Emergency Care annual workshop; and research. She is the 2024 SAEMF/GEMA Research Grant recipient for a project investigating acute presentations of cardiovascular disease in Karachi, Pakistan.

Dr. Rybarczyk is also a Penn Global Research and Engagement Grant awardee for work in developing emergency care training and research in Botswana with the University of Botswana through the Botswana-UPenn partnership.


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Last Updated: 08 April 2024