Megan Rybarczyk, MD, MPH


  •  Assistant Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine
  •  Pakistan | Bangladesh
  •   Development | Education | Emergency Care Systems

Languages: English (native proficiency); Spanish (limited working proficiency); French (elementary proficiency)


Dr. Megan Rybarczyk, MD, MPH is working to develop Global Emergency Medicine programming for residents, fellows, and faculty within the Department of Emergency Medicine at Penn Medicine, where she is currently an Assistant Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine. Throughout her career, her work in Global Emergency Medicine has involved research, education, clinical care, and/or disaster response in countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Dominica, Egypt, Ethiopia, Haiti, Honduras, India, Pakistan, South Africa, and Uganda. Her work is focused primarily on education and training as well as emergency care systems development.


Dr. Rybarczyk has worked with partners within the Indus Health Network in Karachi, Pakistan to develop, implement, and make sustainable a one-year training program for physicians who serve the population of the fifth most populous city in the world. The program, the Certification Program in Emergency Medicine (CPEM) seeks to assist in the advancement of the specialty of Emergency Medicine and to help improve the quality of emergency care provided throughout the city ( She currently serves as the Academic Faculty Lead for the program.
Dr. Rybarczyk has served as a reviewer for several years, and is now an editor, of the Global Emergency Medicine Literature Review, an initiative which seeks to identify, organize, and disseminate high-quality research in the field of Global Emergency Medicine on an annual basis (


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Last Updated: 27 January 2022