Muge Haseki, PhD

Associate Scholar

  •  Post Doc at Penn Law School
  •  United States | Nepal
  •   Law | Technology in Low Resource Settings | Telemedicine

Languages - English (proficient) Turkish (native)

Bio Statement

Müge Haseki is a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Technology, Innovation and Competition at Penn Law, and working on a project that partially focuses on the evaluation and assessment of technology-based health initiatives in LMICs in the Global South. She is particularly interested in the structural inequalities in accessing to and using of technology-based interventions including mobile health use among pregnant women in Nepal, mobile phone use in health clinics in rural Rwanda, and the use of telemedicine network in Vanuatu. She also worked on other projects funded by USAID, GSMA Connected Women, United Nations, and UNESCO

Recent global health projects

For one study, I examined the use of mobile health application among pregnant women and healthcare workers in a semi-urban area in Nepal through focus groups, and the impact of mhealth application use on health behaviors and health outcomes of pregnant women (e.g., change in ANC visits, etc) through longitudinal study.

For another study, in order to understand the goals, challenges, impact, scalability and sustainability of technology-based health interventions in the Global South, I conducted interviews with local practitioners of health initiatives and developed 15 in-depth case studies. I am currently in the process of writing policy briefs for practitioners and policy makers based on the analysis of these case studies.

Selected publications

Haseki, Muge and Yoo, Christopher S. and Srinivasan, Sharada, Characteristics of At-Scale mHealth Projects in the Global South: A Case Study Approach (July 27, 2019).  





Last Updated: 28 February 2022