Sarah A. Tishkoff, PhD


  •  Director, Center for Global Genomics and Health | David and Lyn Silfen University Professor
  •  Ethiopia | Kenya | Tanzania, United Republic of | Botswana | Cameroon
  •   Genomics | Population Genetics

Languages: English (Native), KiSwahili (Basic)

Bio statement

Dr. Tishkoff studies genomic and phenotypic variation in ethnically diverse Africans. Her research combines field work, laboratory research, and computational methods to examine African population history and the genetic basis of cardiometabolic and immune-related traits.

Recent global health projects

We study genomic and phenotypic variation in Africa. Characterization of African genomic diversity has important implications for facilitating biomedical research in Africa. We are also identifying risk factors for cardiometabolic and infectious diseases.

Selected publications

Zhang C, Verma A, Feng Y, Melo MCR, McQuillan M, Hansen M, Lucas A, Park J, Ranciaro A, Thompson S, Rubel MA, Campbell MC, Beggs W, Hirbo J, Mpoloka SW, Mokone GG; Regeneron Genetic Center, Nyambo T, Meskel DW, Belay G, Fokunang C, Njamnshi AK, Omar SA, Williams SM, Rader D, Ritchie MD, de la Fuente Nunez C, Sirugo G, Tishkoff S. Impact of natural selection on global patterns of genetic variation, and association with clinical phenotypes, at genes involved in SARS-CoV-2 infection. PNAS, in press.

Last Updated: 04 November 2022