Sarah Rapaport, MD

Associate Scholar

  •  Orthopedic Surgery Resident | University of Pennsylvania
  •  Tanzania, United Republic of
  •   Humanitarian Response | Refugee health | Surgical Systems Strengthening

Languages: English (Native), French (limited working proficiency)

Bio statement

I am an orthopedic surgery resident passionate about the intersection of surgical systems strengthening, sustainable international development, and refugee health. My current work is focused on assessing and improving access to surgery and musculoskeletal care among encamped refugees. I have previously worked on numerous projects aimed at improving neurosurgery outcomes in Uganda, co-developed a manual to assess pre-hospital care in limited resource settings, and advocated for the inclusion of surgery capacity building in international development plans. Additionally, I have taught several global health courses, created health equity curricula, and planned and/or hosted numerous global health equity conferences.

Recent global health projects

1. Qualitative study on fracture care in Nyarugusu Refugee Camp in Kigoma, Western Tanzania
2. Quantitive study on the epidemiology of adult and pediatric surgery in Nyarugusu Refugee Camp

Selected publications

Rapaport, S., Ngude H., Ficke J., Rafiq M.Y., Juma O., Sakran J., Stevens K.A., Enumah Z.O. (2022). What Proportion of East African Refugees Report Musculoskeletal Problems? A Cross-sectional Survey. Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, 10-1097.

Rapaport, S., Enumah, Z.O., Ngude, H., Rhee, D., Abbbas, M., Lekey, A., Winch, P.J., Sakran, J.V., Stevens, K.A. (2023). Patterns, procedures, and indications for pediatric surgery in a Tanzanian Refugee Camp: a 20-year experience. World Journal of Pediatric Surgery, 6(3), e000528.

Usoro, A., Mehmood, A., Rapaport, S., Ezeigwe, A., Adeyeye, A., Akinlade, O., Dias, J., Barnett, D., Hsu, E., Tower, C., Razzak, J. 2023). A scoping review of the essential components of emergency medical response systems for mass casualty incidents. Disaster medicine and public health preparedness, 1-12.

Rapaport, S. F., Peer, A. D., Viswasam, N., Hahn, E., Ryan, S., Turpin, G., ... & Hansoti, B. (2022). Implementing HIV Prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Systematic Review of Interventions Targeting Systems, Communities, and Individuals. AIDS and Behavior, 1-11.

Abrahim, O., Rapaport, S., Ngude, H., Abbas, M., Winch, P.J., Stevens, K.A., Enumah, Z.O. (2022). Patterns of referral for refugees in western Tanzania: a retrospective review. Pan African Medical Journal. Volume 41, Article 76.

Jayaram, A., Nunez, K. C., Flores, M., Hill, S. E., Hong, K. W., Peck, C. J., Rapaport, S., … & Fallah, P. N. (2022). Development of an Open-Access Webinar Series on Pathways for Global Surgery Engagement for Applicants to US Residency Programs. Journal of Surgical Research, 272, 17-25.

Enumah, Z. O., Rapaport, S., Ngude, H., Yenokyan, G., Lekey, A., Winch, P. J., & Stevens, K. A. (2021). Humanitarian surgical service utilization by a host country population: comparing surgery patterns between refugees and Tanzanians using an interrupted time-series analysis. Conflict and Health, 15(1), 1-9.

Rapaport, S., Ngude, H., Lekey, A., Abbas, M., Winch, P. J., Stevens, K., & Enumah, Z. O. (2021). Epidemiology of surgery in a protracted humanitarian setting: a 20-year retrospective study of Nyarugusu Refugee Camp, Kigoma, Western Tanzania. BMC surgery, 21(1), 1-10.

Lartigue, J. W., Dada, O. E., Haq, M., Rapaport, S., Sebopelo, L. A., Ooi, S. Z. Y., ... & Park, K. B. (2021). Emphasizing the Role of Neurosurgery Within Global Health and National Health Systems: A Call to Action. Frontiers in surgery, 8.

Last Updated: 21 November 2023