Uamunovandu Tjinjeka, MD

International Scholar

  •  Lecturer | University of Botswana, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Surgery
  •  Botswana
  •   Cleft Palate & Lip | craniosynostosis | Pediatric Plastic Surgery

Languages: SeTswana (native), English (proficient)

Bio statement

A cleft lip and palate program doesn't exist in Botswana. Children born with these conditions go untreated or rely on humanitarian surgeons for help, which is often discontinuous and insufficient. As Botswana's first plastic and reconstructive surgeon, I'm compelled to start a comprehensive cleft unit. Given the magnitude of this problem, it is an issue I cannot address alone. Therefore, I wish to collaborate with well-established programs. Through the Penn CGH, I can connect and learn from global surgery experts as I work toward setting up a cleft care unit for children in Botswana and the rest of Africa.

Recent global health projects

1. The prevalence of cleft lips and palate in low-resources settings and the existing treatment algorithms and compare with the standard of care.
2. Training of cleft lip and palate surgical providers and establishing a plastic surgery training program in a low-resource setting.


Last Updated: 28 January 2022