How Do I Participate?

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In order for you to participate, you must first complete a pre-screen to determine if you would be eligible to see one of our doctors. Please send us an email at with your name, last name, and phone number. Once we receive your email, we will send you a link to complete an online form. If you do not have an email or prefer phone, you may call us at 215-898-4301 to complete a pre-screen telephone interview. Once this is completed, the coordinator will either schedule you with one of our doctors or refer you to a more suitable treatment center.

If you are scheduled to see our doctor, you will need to come in for a full psychiatric evaluation to determine eligibility for a specific study. Please note that being scheduled for an evaluation does not guarantee you will be eligible to participate in a study.

If the doctor feels that you are eligible and that the study will best suit your needs, the study procedures, medication or therapy will be explained to you. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and decide if you want to participate.

Call us for more information at 215-898-4301.

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