How Do I Know if I Should Seek Treatment?

Many patients are not sure if treatment with medication or therapy is the right plan for them. During your evaluation you will have the opportunity to discuss treatment options with the doctor and get your questions answered.

If you are not sure if your symptoms are severe or whether you would qualify for one of our studies, call our intake coordinator today. You will be given a brief telephone assessment to determine if you would be eligible for an initial evaluation.

Treatments We Offer

Research Trials

The primary focus of the treatment we offer is through research. The majority of this research involves short and long-term studies in which our patients are given a psychiatric medication and monitored closely for progress. We also have studies involving talk therapy in which you meet with a psychologist for weekly sessions.

Some of the doctors in our office also treat patients privately to meet more individualized needs.

Please call our office for more detailed information at 215-898-4301

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