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"This clinic saved my life."

The Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at the University of Pennsylvania is specifically designed to serve veterans and military families living in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Since opening our doors in 2016, we have served over 2,800 veterans and military family members across three states with 95% reporting an improvement in their ability to cope with the challenges that brought them to our clinic in the first place.

"Meeting my Cohen Clinic therapist was completely life-altering. I'm finally making sense of issues stemming from very young childhood, and she gave me tools to move forward. Words cannot describe how helpful my therapist was!"

Despite their sacrifices, veterans and military families too often cannot access high-quality care that is proven to heal invisible wounds of war, including PTSD, depression, and anxiety. The Cohen Clinic eliminates barriers that keep veterans from getting the care they need, such as costs, insurance, transportation and scheduling challenges, and eligibility restrictions with other care providers.

Studies show that a provider’s cultural competence affects whether someone stays in treatment. This is true for the unique, diverse culture of the military. However, less than 3% of mental health providers can offer military culturally competent care. Our entire staff is trained in military cultural competence in order to provide the best care to anyone with a military background of any kind.

"This was the only place ready to address me as a spouse of a vet. We spouses are a special category — survivors of the military — and deserve the focused attention that's available at this clinic."


Positive Client Experiences & Strong Clinical Outcomes

We are a trusted service provider with connections to hundreds of veteran-serving organizations, and we are constantly evaluating our operations to ensure the best client experience possible. Ninety-six percent of former clients say they would recommend the Cohen Clinic to a veteran. In fact, one in five new clients find out about us through a referral from a former client, family member, or friend.

"I would recommend this clinic to any veteran out there struggling, searching for help and hope of regaining their life and self. You can truly heal your mind, body, and soul through this clinic."

"Overall very exciting and positive experience from start to finish. My therapist fully understood my challenges and difficulties and worked to ensure I left the therapy better than I started."

In addition to high levels of satisfaction with the quality of care at our clinic, our clients have strong clinical outcomes.

While more than half of our new clients present with suicidal ideation, 94% of Cohen Clinic clients report decreased suicidality throughout the course of their treatment. Eighty-eight percent of our clients experience remission by the end of their treatment.


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We want to provide the best care for veterans and their families. Your thoughts and suggestions help us to improve our services. Here are a few ways you can give us your comments:

  • As a first step, you may ask to speak with your provider or with the Clinic Director about concerns or compliments.
  • You may also submit feedback or suggestions online using our “Your Voice Matters” page.

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