Managing life as a military mom this Mother’s Day

A mother’s love reaches to unimaginable depths, constantly expanding in breadth. Our deepest desire is for our children is to be happy, healthy and, most importantly, safe. We go to great lengths to ensure their safety and well-being, and when that safety is compromised, the internal conflict and worry can be immense.

I met my daughter when she was 9 years old when her father and I were first dating. Even then, she was adventurous, curious, and strong-willed. When she eventually enlisted in the U.S. Army I felt both a sense of honor and helplessness. I’d spent 11 years helping her grow into a gifted young woman who is full of life and absolute in her convictions, but how do I mother a soldier? Who will be there for her as she navigates this unknown territory? How could I keep her safe?

At the time, I was not fully aware of the differences between my civilian experience and the military world and culture she was entering. From not being able to talk to her regularly during basic training to Advanced Individual Training, where I would need to help her choose a path for her military career, being a military mom was new and somewhat unnerving. Fear, unanswered questions, and uncertainty left me the most uncomfortable. Yet, I needed to help bolster her mental and emotional strength and champion her despite my concerns. How would I do this?

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