Mental Health on ‘Succession’: Why the HBO Series is More Relatable Than We Think

The popular tragedy-satire HBO show “Succession” — which recently won three Golden Globes — centers on a power-hungry family filled with deceit and pettiness. The dysfunctional family fights over power dynamics while managing uncertainties with the health of patriarch Logan Roy, who leads a global media and entertainment conglomerate. While the family may be fictional and many of the show’s plot lines unrelatable to anyone who is not a billionaire, the mental health issues many of the characters face may be a lot more resonant.

Tim Overton, PsyD, is an individual and couples therapist for The Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at the University of Pennsylvania — and an avid fan of “Succession.” Although the show is dramatized, Overton has noted two common patterns of mental health issues which ring true for many individuals.

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January 20, 2022 | Penn Medicine News featuring Dr. Tim Overton

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