It’s World Mental Health Day: Here’s how to find help when you need it

America is in crisis: The coronavirus epidemic continues to plague the country — infecting President Trump and many members of his administration. Racial injustice has led to social unrest and protests continue. Wildfires have devastated the West, while hurricane Delta will be the 10th hurricane to make landfall on the mainland U.S. this season, setting a new record.

The news is overwhelming, and for people living with a mental health condition, this time brings greater uncertainty. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released data in August that 40% of participants reported experiencing at least one behavioral health condition or mental health symptom. Nearly 31% reported feeling depressed or anxious and 26% had trauma or stressor related disorder associated with the pandemic.

Yet, with the coronavirus still prevalent in much of the country, it is a difficult time to get help. You might be wondering: What is teletherapy? What does one do in a crisis now? What happens if people can’t see their friends and family? These feelings should be expected and experts want people to reach out for help when needed.

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