Leadership Essentials: Advanced

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LEA Program OverviewAbout the Program

Leadership Essentials: Advanced is our middle tier leadership development program. It is a blended program that focuses on equipping managers with the core leadership skills needed to grow individuals and deliver results through the people who report to them.

To receive the certificate, participants must complete all 3 online modules and 2-day instructor-led workshops.

This program will enable leaders to:

  • Deliver results through the people who report to them
  • Invest more effort in high-value activities
  • Coach team members to higher levels of performance
  • Build the team’s capability to drive business results through effective goal setting and delegation
  • Maximize team members’ willingness to provide discretionary effort

Program Structure

Leadership Essentials: Advanced is a blended learning experience combining in-person workshops with online modules. At the end of your Leadership Essentials: Advanced journey, you will be eligible to apply or be nominated for the Leadership Essentials: Intensive Program. 

LEA Program Overview

Who Should Attend?

Open only to PSOM managers, team leads, faculty.

Workshop Topics

The Advanced level of the program is hybrid, meaning it has online modules and includes a 2-day instructor-led workshop (9:00am - 4:30pm). Participants are able to self-register for the in-person component in Workday. These sessions are experiential in nature and give participants an opportunity to further explore the theory, skills and behaviors.

2-Day Workshops

First-line leaders are the largest and arguably most important group of leaders in any organization. The linchpin in strategy execution, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement, they are the main driver of business results. The first-line leader is the last stop for communicating strategy and enabling employees to succeed. Today, the role of first-line leader is more challenging than ever due to advances in technology, constant and increasing levels of change, and the pressure to deliver business results often under unprecedented cost and resource constraints. This 2-day workshop provides managers with skills to apply effective leadership practices in four core people-leadership areas. Program content is framed in the context of leadership in the 21st century, acknowledging the challenges inherent in the world of first-line leaders today. Each instructor-led workshop is scheduled from 9:00am - 4:30pm a week apart. 

The core focus areas are:

  • Think Like a Leader
  • Coach Your Team
  • Get Results Through Others
  • Engage People

Online Modules

The first three topics are required to complete the program, however, it is strongly recommended that everyone complete Getting to Know Penn as a Manager - New Leader Assimilation module.

Managing Virtual Teams

Working remotely has been on the rise for many years now, with research showing that hiring managers expect nearly half of all their workers to be working remotely over the next decade. While many trends feed into this way of organizing work, managing the work effectively will be key to the success of organizations globally. In this course, instructor Phil Gold provides managers with a clear approach for getting the most out of their remote teams. He zeros in on the key factors that will ensure productivity, engagement, and growth, as well as a manager’s role in building trust, removing roadblocks, nurturing connections with team members, and setting clear goals. Note: This course was featured in Market Watch, Inc., Fortune, Forbes, and Entrepreneur.

Unconscious Bias for Faculty, Staff, and Students

Understanding our own biases is the first step to building a more inclusive workplace. The training sessions will be led by Brian Gittens, EdD, a nationally recognized leader in this field, and his team. Dr. Gittens has worked with us in the past. He has decades of experience working with the military, higher education, governmental organizations, corporations and non-profits, as well as academic medicine. We are confident that you will find these sessions to be both informative and inspiring. 

Policies Overview for PSOM Supervisors

This online module focuses on giving you exposure to critical policies that you should know as a supervisor in PSOM. This is to It is not intended to cover all policies.  By the completion of this module, participants will be able to: 

  • Recognize frequently referenced University of Pennsylvania HR Policies & Procedures
  • Develop awareness to address situations appropriately
  • Discover resources available through Penn HR and Perelman HR
Getting to Know Penn as a Manager - New Leader Assimilation

Strongly Recommended.  This collection of self-guided web-based training courses provides new leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary to hit the ground running as they step into management roles for the first time. This program is also useful for seasoned leaders who are looking to refresh their knowledge of Penn policies or keep up to date on best practices, or for non-management staff who are interested in someday stepping into a leadership position. Topics covered in this program include: 

  • Penn's Core Policies
  • Recruiting and Selection
  • Time, Attendance, and Pay Practices
  • Performance and Engagement
  • Safety On Campus
  • Health and Wellness 

(NOTE: This program will be required for all managers within the EVP divisions hired on or after 6/1/2021, and will also be a required prerequisite for Essentials of Management starting in October 2021.)