Leadership Essentials: Fundamentals

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Program Overview
Length Self-Paced | 5 workshops
Participants Staff
Level First-Level Leader | Mid-Level Leader
Competencies Persuades | Builds Networks | Balances Stakeholders | Courage | Decision Quality
Start Date See OE Calendar
Credit/Credentials Certificate
Cost Covered by OE
Location In-Person and Virtual Offerings

About the Program

Leadership Essentials: Fundamentals is our beginning tier leadership development program. At the Fundamentals tier, participants are introduced to theoretical information, skills and behaviors that heighten participant's knowledge and understanding of effective leadership practices through sequential learning opportunities. Participants may self-register in the program and workshops in Workday.

To receive the certificate, participants must complete all 5 instructor-led workshops.


Who should attend?

Open to all PSOM staff who aspire to enhance their basic leadership knowledge and skills.


Workshop Topics

The Leadership Essentials: Fundamentals program includes five 3.5-hour instructor-led workshops that can be taken in any order. Participants will be responsible for their registration through Workday. These sessions are experiential in nature and give participants an opportunity to further explore the theory, skills and behaviors.

Emotions are as much a part of the workplace as the air we breathe. Happiness, surprise, frustration, anger—they are all there and more. Emotions play a role in the choices we make and actions we take. Directed emotions can motivate, inspire, and add positive intensity to our work.

When strong emotions leave our control, or "run away," our personal productivity and the productivity of others suffer. Key relationships in our network are damaged, making it even harder to maintain necessary focus. Individuals who take initiative to stay on top of their own emotional reactions, and help others do the same, have a positive impact on productivity, relationships, the overall atmosphere of the workplace, and their own personal well-being.

This workshop provides employees with strategies to address strong emotions—their own, and, when appropriate, those of the people they work with.

Competencies  Courage                                                                                             
Leader Level Emerging Leader | First-Level Leader

Every day, leaders shape the future by offering proposals, selling ideas, and encouraging others to take action. Effective leaders know that the best way to influence outcomes is to actively engage and collaborate with others through dialogue.

Communicating a clear, concise, compelling message is essential given the ever-expanding volume of information and ever-shrinking human attention span. Laser-like communication focuses on the listener with genuine commitment to two-way dialogue.

This workshop will help participants prepare, deliver, and discuss their ideas, proposals, and requests to support business outcomes.

Competencies Communicates Effectively | Courage | Drives Vision and Purpose | Interpersonal Savvy | Persuades
Leader Level

First-Level Leader

People want to use their abilities, connect with others, and guide their own efforts. Regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, culture, or life experiences, everyone shares three psychological needs: competence, relatedness, and autonomy.

Forty years of research confirm the many benefits of helping people satisfy these needs, including improved job satisfaction, engagement, self-esteem, thinking ability, creativity, learning, trust, loyalty, dedication, and performance. Leaders realize these benefits by creating conditions that support employees' needs. 

The purpose of this workshop is for participants to learn to create an environment that inspires superior performance by helping employees satisfy their basic psychological needs.

Competencies Communicates Effectively | Drives Engagement | Drives Vision and Purpose | Instills Trust | Persuades
Leader Level First-Level Leader | Mid-Level Leader

Over the past few decades, organizational structures have shifted from top-down models to matrixed models of decision making. Leaders must learn, therefore, how to facilitate discussions that explore multiple perspectives and navigate differences.

This workshop provides an easy-to-use framework and a set of valuable techniques for conducting collaborative, productive discussions of any type. Via videos, lively conversations, and real-life practice, participants will build the skills and confidence required to converse comfortably with people up, down, and across the organization.


Collaborates | Communicates Effectively | Courage | Demonstrates Self-awareness | Instills Trust | Interpersonal Savvy | Manages Conflict| Values Differences

Leader Level

Emerging Leaders | First-Level Leaders | Individual Contributors

Spurred by dramatic increases in global competition, technology, and customer expectations, speed has become a key requirement for business success. The pressure to “be fast or be last” has become a primary concern for leaders as they struggle to accelerate team productivity.

So how do you multiply your efforts? What can you do to increase efficiency? Part of the answer may be simpler than you imagine: building team pride and purpose.

Today’s leaders are discovering that one of the best ways to drive productivity is to unleash the power of team pride and purpose. When team members feel that they’re doing something valuable and anticipating success, their energy and commitment to delivering results increase, and a new cycle of accelerated productivity takes over.

This workshop provides team leaders with the principles and skills that instill high degrees of pride and purpose in their teams. It explores today’s workplace challenges and the need for accelerating performance through teamwork.

Competencies Builds Effective Teams | Collaborates | Drives Engagement | Drives Vision and Purpose
Leader Level First-Level Leader | Mid-Level Leader


Enrolling in the certificate program is completely voluntary. You can either complete all 5 workshops to receive the certificate or only attend the workshops of your choice.

Yes. Completion of the LEF or LEA certificates meets the prerequisite criteria for LEI. However, there is additional nomination criteria that must be met in order to be selected for each cohort. You can learn more about the prerequisite and nomination criteria for LEI here.