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User Policy

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General Policies:
  1. No calendar reservations, no use on any equipment.
  2. Any scan extending 10 min into the next user’s reservations will be stopped by the manager.
  3. Users are responsible for removing their samples from the sample holder after the scan. If users are unable to find an empty sample holder, they can relocate the samples to any centrifuge tube.
  4. The microCT analysis computers located in 315 Stemmler Hall can be accessed either on site or remotely. Please make a reservation on Google Calendar (“MicroCT Analysis (I)” and “MicroCT Analysis (II)”) before use, regardless of remote or onsite use.
Billing Policies:
  1. Self-service scan: $25/hour. Full-service scan: $50/hour. External image importing: $10/sample.
  2. Training rate: $100 for the first user of the new lab, and $50 for the other users within the same lab.
  3. MicroCT image analysis (self-service): Free
  4. Penn PIs must provide a 26 digit account number for each project prior to the user's scan.
  5. We will send out quarterly billing statements with detailed info for every scanned sample.
Calendar Reservation Policies:
  1. Users must modify or cancel their scanner reservations in advance. Failing to cancel scanner reservations will result in being charged 1 hour at the scanning rate of the first occurrence, and being charged for the full reservation time at the scanning rate of the second occurrence.
  2. A single calendar event should be less than 24 hours. If no less than 24 hours is needed, user should split into 2 or more events, so that the events can be clearly shown on the calendar.
  3. NEVER make a reservation more than 2 weeks in advance. (Exception: in vivo scans)
  4. Calendar event names should include PI initial, pennkey, phone#, and either “Scan Only,” “Analysis Only,” “Scan & Analysis,” or “In vivo Scan”. Example  → XSL: yiluz (Scan Only): 1234567890
  5. MicroCT35: 4 hour limit per lab per day during weekday working hours (9am-5pm). No restrictions during off-hours and weekends.Exception: On the day you are scanning, you can reserve any available time.
  6. MicroCT45: 24 hour limit per lab every 2 days. (24-hour event must be splitted into 2 events, so that the events can be clearly shown on the calendar.)Exception: On the day you are scanning, you can reserve any available time.
  7. VivaCT40 & VivaCT80: In vivo scans have higher priority.
Mandatory for Non-Penn Users: 
  1. Non-Penn users must complete new mandatory EHRS safety training. Specifically, users must register with EHRS through this site. Once registered, you will be directed to an EHRS webpage for training. Once completed, you will be able to download a training certificate and will be forwarded to a webform to notify EHRS of completion. You will receive an email confirmation of your completed training. When completing the form, please enter the following information in the relevant fields:
  • ​​​​​​​Principal Investigator/Program Director: X. Sherry Liu
  • Department/Program: Penn Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders MicroCT Imaging Core
  • Building Location: Stemmler Hall Room 335
  • Supervisor: Yilu Zhou

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