Red Ribbon Awards

The Penn CFAR CAB held the first ever Red Ribbon Awards Ceremony in the world in 2004. The ceremony is held each year in commemoration of World AIDS Day, and recognizes the tireless efforts of our local heroes in policy, research, community, faith, youth leadership and more. The Penn CFAR CAB has developed partnerships with several programs from the School District of Philadelphia showcasing the work of youth around the city and creating the space to continue the work of HIV activism and education. 

RED RIBBON AWARDS 2021: “One Moment, Two Epidemics, and Our Superheroes.”  

Resources have had to be reallocated this past year with COVID taking in the forefront of research and services. Many members of the community managed to work on both the COVID and HIV epidemics. This year we recognized those Superheroes who handled both successfully.

Click HERE to watch the 2021 Red Ribbon Awards Ceremony.

Click HERE for a copy of the 2021 Red Ribbon Awards Program.

2021 Red Ribbon Awardees:

Rev. Rodger Broadley: Faith-Based Award

An individual or organization/group whose mission has been to serve the community and has made a significant contribution in addressing HIV/AIDS through education, advocacy, and/or caregiving.

Euraliz Lopez: Dale L. Grundy Youth Leader Award

Someone between 14 and 25 years of age who has displayed leadership and made a significant contribution to educational initiatives to reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS in the community

Jose Baumeister, PhD, MPH: Researcher Award

Someone who has made significant contributions in research to improve clinical/medical practices, and/or social issues involving HIV prevention, treatment, and/or cure efforts.

Coleman Terrell: Policy Maker Award

Someone who has exhibited knowledge, commitment, and excellence in public policy and in issues surrounding HIV/AIDS as a local, state, or federal policymaker.

Tyrone Smith: Community Award 

An individual who has made a significant contribution to the fight against HIV/AIDS in the role of advocate, caregiver, and/or community activist. 

Philly AIDS Thrift: Robert A. Schoenberg Pioneer Award

Recognizes the inspiring work by an individual, group or organization that works towards ending or reducing the impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
Click here for a full list of previous recipients of the Red Ribbon Awards. 

Red Ribbon 2020

Click HERE to watch the 2020 Red Ribbon Awards Ceremony.

Award Winners:
Faith-Based: Rev. Dr. Calenthia Dowdy
Dale L. Grundy Youth Leader: Dionte Gill
Researcher: Dr. Ellen Tedaldi
Policy Maker: Heshie Zinman
Pioneer Award: Prevention Point