More Than Just Training

Often, providers who have decided that they want to increase their capacity to deliver CBT begin by looking for training. Training is certainly an essential step, but in order to successfully build long-term capacity for high-quality CBT, we draw on the emerging field of Implementation Science.

Implementation Science (sometimes referred to as Dissemination and Implementation Science,or D&I) is the study of methods for promoting the integration of scientific evidence into healthcare policy and practice. Implementation scientists seek to investigate and address major barriers or facilitators (e.g. social, behavioral, attitudinal, economic, management) to effective implementation, develop and test new approaches to improve programming, and determine a causal relationship between the intervention and its impact.

Drawing on Implementation Science, the Penn Collaborative has developed a flexible model for partnering with providers to assess readiness for implementation of CBT, address any potential bottlenecks to success, integrate CBT into the policies and procedures of the provider setting, and plan for sustained practice over time.

For more information about these practices, please see our research page.

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