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Surti S, Viswanath V, Daube-Witherspoom ME, Conti M, Casey ME.  Karp JS. Benefit of improved performance with state-of-the art digital PET/CT for lesion detection in oncology. Journal of Nuclear Medicine (2020): jnumed-120.

Surti S, Pantel AR, Karp JS. Total Body PET: Why, How, What for? IEEE Transactions on Radiation and Plasma Medical Sciences 4.3 (2020): 283-292.

Panin VY and Matej S. 3D Fourier-based re-projection analytic reconstruction from histo-projections for high resolution TOF scanners. Journal of Medical Imaging. 2020 (Accepted).

Li Y, Matej S, Karp JS. Practical joint reconstruction of activity and attenuation with autonomous scaling for time-of-flight PET. Physics in Medicine and Biology. 2002 (Accepted)

P. Gravel, Y. Li, and S. Matej. Effects of TOF resolution models on edge artifacts in PET reconstruction from limited angle data. IEEE Transactions on Radiation and Plasma Medical Sciences, 2020 (Accepted). 

Guerraty MA, Johnson LC, Blankemeyer E, Rader DJ, Moore SC, Metzler SD. Development and feasibility of quantitative dynamic cardiac imaging for mice using μSPECT. Journal of Nuclear Cardiology (2020): 1-10.

Viswanath V, Daube-Witherspoon ME, Karp JS, Surti S. Numerical observer study of lesion detectability for a long axial field-of-view whole-body PET imager using the PennPET Explorer. Physics in Medicine & Biology 65.3 (2020): 035002.

Karp JS, Viswanath V, Geagan MJ, Muehllehner G, Pantel AR, Parma MJ, Perkins AE, Schmall JP, Werner ME, Daube-Witherspoon ME. PennPET Explorer: Design and preliminary performance of a whole-body imager. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, vol. 61, pp. 136-143, 2020.

Pantel AR, Viswanath V, Daube-Witherspoon ME, Dubroff JG, Muehllehner G, Parma MJ, Pryma DA, Schubert EK, Mankoff DA, Karp JS. PennPET Explorer: Human imaging on a whole-body imager. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, vol. 61, pp. 144-151, 2020.

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