eShip@Penn is the University's express shipping system hosted by Penn Mail Services. We expect every lab/clinical group that does shipping to have a designated eShipper, as well as a backup. 

How to Become an eShipper

  1. Anyone in the Pharmacology who would like to be a shipper will need to provide their Penn ID number or Pennkey name to Michelle Ludwig  or Linda Nace, who will be their allocator.
  2. Michelle will confirm with your PI.
  3. Once Michelle adds your information in eShip, you will be able to ship non-hazardous paper items.
    • If you need to ship hazardous items, you will need to complete the "Shipping of Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods for Laboratory Staff" training on Workday Learning, then email your certificate to Donna. This training needs to be completed every two years. See the section below for more on this.
  4. Each time you complete an airbill in eShip, there will be a section under "Billing References - Account to charge." Include the 26-digit account number the shipment should be charged to for re-allocation.

Mandatory Training to Ship Hazardous Items

Each individual in SPATT labs who ships hazardous items must take the hazardous shipping training. Hazardous items, including biological materials, dry ice, medications, etc., cannot be shipped until the shipper takes the hazardous shipping training class. It is advised to have at least two lab personnel per lab, one primary and one back up, trained in shipping hazardous items. In the interim until you’ve completed the shipping class, please ask someone in your lab to help ship items for you.

Sign up on Workday Learning for "Shipping of Hazardous Materials and Dangerous Goods for Laboratory Staff."

How to Use eShip

To use eShip@Penn, you must be an Authorized Shipper. If you are not currently an Authorized Shipper, you will need to become one to use the new system. Please see the How to Become an eShipper section.


To obtain access as a shipper, please email Michelle Ludwig  or Linda Nace

Visit eShip@Penn

  1. Log in with your Pennkey name and password.
  2. Under Shipper, click "Begin business shipping" (on left-hand side).
  3. Click SHIP at the top.
  4. Answer the questions regarding if your shipment contains Biological Materials, Chemicals, Radioactive Materials, or Dry Ice, and if your shipment is Domestic or International.
  5. Enter all the information in the fields to ship your item(s).
  6. IMPORTANT NOTE: please be sure to complete the "Billing references - Account to charge" field. Include the 26-digit account number the shipment should be charged to for re-allocation.

To view online eShip tutorials, visit this link.

Return / 3rd Party Shipment Directions

eShip is now able to support return (inbound) shipments of hazardous materials. Any authorized shipper in the eShip system is able to invite collaborators (individuals/institutions shipping materials to UPENN using Penn's carrier Account Number) and receive packages without spending time entering shipment data and coordinating the shipment.

Once you are signed into eShip, click on Account Management > Manage Collaborations. Enter the information requested.

For more information on managing collaborators, see this guide. If you or your collaborator run into any difficulty accessing the system, please contact Tanisha Scott at

Please have the following information available as you invite collaborators to ship materials to you at Penn:

  1. Your contact information (including email and phone number)
  2. Ship From & Ship To information
    • Sender name/address, phone, and email
    • Receiver name/address, phone, and email
  3. Estimated date of shipment
  4. The 26-digit budget code of the fund/grant account that the shipment should be charged to

Questions about access privileges are to be directed to the School or Center senior business administrators. Questions regarding system training are to be directed to Penn Mail Services at

To view online eShip tutorials, visit this link.