• If you accept a BGS student into your lab, you are required to support them for the duration of their time as a student at UPENN. So please make sure you have the funding.
  • Postdoctoral appointments are annual and follow the university stipend guidelines

When to contact Amy (

  • When someone submits a resignation it must go to Amy
  • All Human Resources tasks: posting positions, hiring, terminations, disciplinary action, policy questions.
  • When thinking about hiring a foreign national, the timelines for hiring this type of worker depends on several variables and every situation and request is unique.
  • When thinking about having a minor in your lab
  • When thinking about having someone in your lab that has external funding (visiting scholar)
  • When some gets injured in the lab or on university property
  • When someone has a medical issue and needs to be out of work or advised on university policy for leaves


Biomedical Graduate Studies

Biomedical postdoc policies