Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Timko Research Group

Timko, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Summer Internship

Our summer internship positions for the 2020 are currently filled.  

TRG focuses on adolescents with eating disorders, specifically anorexia nervosa. Current projects include exploration of the reward system via neuroimaging, exploring sex differences in eating disorders, and understanding the experiences of caregivers. Interns have the opportunity to become exposed to and familiar with the electronic medical record, recruitment and consent of participants, assessment, data scoring and entry, grant writing, and manuscript preparation.

Summer internships are unpaid, and interns are responsible for their own housing and transportation. In the past, some interns have been able to apply for funding from their home institution and/or receive course credit for the internship.

Internships are 5 days a week and 8-10 weeks in length.

Interns who attend university in the Philadelphia area have occasionally stayed through the academic year.

Please explore our web page. If you are interested in applying for a summer internship in our lab, please send a CV/resume, cover letter, and one reference to Sonakshi Negi at All interested applicants should apply before April 15, 2020.