Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Timko Research Group

Timko, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


Natalie Onopchenko, Research Assistant, Summer and Fall 2019: Dr.Timko was an outstanding mentor in the time I got to work with her. She helped me to step outside of my comfort zone and grow as a professional. Being that I am a college student, she encouraged and supported my exploration of possible careers while also ensuring that she would do her best to give me the tools to get there by working in this lab. I feel privileged to have gotten the chance to work with Dr.Timko. She is truly passionate about this field and is an extremely hardworking practitioner. Dr.Timko also made sure to set aside time in her day to always thank and acknowledge the hard work and dedication her team puts in. My experience with the Timko Lab provided me with such a team oriented atmosphere. The lab members as well as Dr.Timko all work as a cohesive unit, helping one another as needed while also delegating certain jobs that need to be accomplished by a certain time point. I created a multitude of friendships and connections while working in the lab. Having the opportunity to work in this lab has left me feeling more confident than ever to enter my young professional life.

Aishu Sritharan, CRISSP Student Scholar, Summer 2019: I had a wonderful experience working in the Timko lab as a summer intern. Over the course of my ten weeks in the lab, under Dr. Timko’s guidance, I had the chance to work on an independent research project that was relevant to the work being done in the lab and also met my own interests. Dr. Timko is an incredible mentor who encouraged and guided me to create a final product that fulfilled the goals I had for the summer. Accordingly, I was able to develop invaluable research skills. Additionally, she took the time to give me lot of career advice based on my individual interests and future plans. I also really appreciated that even though I was only in the lab for the summer, I had a lot of exposure to the research projects that were being carried out during my time there. Learning about the lab’s current studies gave me a more comprehensive view of what it means to be a researcher in the field of clinical psychology. I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Dr. Timko and her team and would highly recommend working in the lab to anyone who is interested in clinical work and psychological research.

Grace Simmons, Summer Intern 2019: Working with the Timko Lab, although I was only part of the team for eight weeks, was such a great experience. Dr. Timko is not only a principal investigator but also an amazing mentor. She really cares and takes time to meet with interns and assign projects that connect not only with the goals of the lab but with the professional goals and interests of research assistants as well. By the end of my internship, I was able to learn more about clinical psychology and the different facets of and paths that lead to medicine and research. Overall, everyone is extremely nice and knowledgeable, and I am very glad that my first introduction to clinical research happened in such a warm and welcoming environment.

Nick Dennis, Summer Intern 2018: The Timko lab is dedicated to the professional development of each and every one of its lab members. If you’re willing to put in the hard work, you will have many amazing opportunities to build your skill set as a researcher and/or future clinician. I was extremely impressed with how well Dr. Timko was able to merge the needs of the lab with the goals of each summer intern. The lab team is also incredibly friendly and welcoming. Within just one short summer I already feel like part of the close-knit lab family! I’m convinced that our lab team lunches will be among the most entertaining work lunches I’ll ever experience. I highly recommend this lab to any dedicated student interested in or even just considering pursuing graduate level psychology, neuroscience or medicine.  

Amanda Makara, Summer Intern 2018: Although I was only in this lab for 12 weeks during the summer, I learned so many invaluable skills that will help me pursue a career in clinical psychology. Dr. Timko is a great researcher and mentor, and I'm so lucky to have met her and the people in her lab. I highly recommend interning here to anyone who wants to learn more about both the clinical and non-clinical aspects of psychological research. -

Lizzie Parks, Lead Research Assistant 2017 - 2018: I have worked with Dr. Timko since June of 2017.  As my first internship out of undergrad I was unsure of what to expect from my experience in this lab.  What I got out of Dr. Timko’s mentoring was beyond what I could have ever expected and her support and encouragement has pushed me to become a better clinician and researcher.  Dr. Timko is excellent at providing guidance as well as encouragement as you are exploring your future goals.  What you get out of this experience is what you put into it and if you are willing to work hard for Dr. Timko, she will work hard to help you get where you want to be in the future.  I am extremely grateful for all that I was able to learn working with this lab and recommend working with Dr. Timko and this team for a great learning experience. -

Courtney Breiner, Summer Intern 2017: My experience working with Dr. Timko at CHOP was nothing short of life-changing. While this may seem extreme, this internship allowed me to work on every aspect of my future career – from writing papers to performing neuropsychological assessments to developing a clinical demeanor – as an undergraduate student. That experience is invaluable and rare. The culmination of these skills and experiences affirmed my decision to pursue graduate study, and I believe it ultimately led to my acceptance to a PhD program in clinical psychology. The most valuable element of the internship experience, however, is that as an intern for Dr. Timko, you are truly gaining a mentor who will be with you throughout your career. She put my goals first and while she offered advice, she also spent the summer asking me the most important questions of my career – “what do you really want to do?” While it may seem simple, as a research assistant, I hadn’t thought beyond the work of my mentors, and she ensured I explored my own path and pushed me to make difficult and important decisions about my future. She certainly has already shaped my entry into the field, and I look forward to many years of collaborating with her as I continue my career.